Ibro, ex-Kogi gov, writes Soludo over Obi


“I am not an extension of anybody. I have my own opinions and have always said I think Peter [Obi] is the best candidate. All this has nothing to do with me.”

That was Ozonna, the 28-year-old UK-based artist son of Professor Chukwuma Soludo, perceivably repudiating his father on Facebook, after the Anambra governor unloaded on his kinsman, Peter Obi, for daring to seek the presidency for the same race they both belong.

While the public opposition of the younger Soludo to his father’s well-publicised opposition to Obi has received rave review from the support base of the Labour Party candidate, I do not see his rebuke of his father as a family feud. Yes, Ozonna may even…

Source: Nigerian Tribune