Lagos has begun immortalising Obi


Yoruba have ways of serenading #togetherforever. There is orunisulaparonkusi. There is also ekurolalabakuewa. Both can be translated as (come rain, come shine). The race equally has a song to celebrate defiance in romance. Funny though, it is dancehall stuff; thrilling and titilating, despite the overt pa mi nku (we die here) message. It goes thus “eni tan to ri e na mi, nihun o padafe” literally meaning I will still marry the one for whom I had been beaten to stay away). Symbolically, it means resolutely standing on one’s conviction. June 12, 1993 presidential election was created a soul with the defiant proclamation “On June 12 we stand”, helping the watershed poll, to outlive…

Source: Nigerian Tribune