Food or sex doesn’t keep a man — Yul Edochie


Rachael Omidiji


Popular Nollywood producer and actor has claimed that sex or food cannot keep a man.

He stated this in response to a tweet asking Twitter users which woman is more likely to win a man’s heart: the one who can cook or the one who is good in bed.

He claims that neither being a good cook nor a good bed partner is sufficient to win hearts.

He said

“there is more to it”. The tweet reads, “A man has 2 wives. The first wife is very good at cooking, the other one is good in bed. “Question: who owns the man’s heart?”

Edochie, in response to the tweet, said,“Ask the man. Only he can answer the question. Owning a man’s heart doesn’t come from cooking or being good in…

Source: Nigerian Tribune