Man severs neighbour’s wrist for sleeping


A man identified as Oro Umaru has allegedly macheted his close neighbour, Sanda Abubakar, whom he accused of sleeping with his wife, thus severing the victim’s wrist from his hand.

The Nigerian Tribune reported that the incident happened in the Kaiama local government area of Kwara state.

Oro Umaru, a farmer, was arraigned on Thursday at a magistrate court in Kwara State on a one-count charge of attempted culpable homicide contrary to Section 299 of the penal code.

According to the Police First Information Report (FIR), the case was reported by the brother of the victim, Sanda Mohammed.

“That on 08/9/2023 at 20:30hrs, one Sanda Mohammed ‘male’ of Ba’abete Fulani camp via…

Source: Nigerian Tribune