Tinubu, please attend promptly to economic hardship facing Nigerians


Is President Bola Tinubu aware of the increase in the price of tomatoes and ‘atarodo’ (scotch bonnet pepper) in Nigeria? Perhaps, there is the need to publicly inform President Tinubu that many Nigerians can’t afford to prepare proper stew and soup in their various homes as the prices of tomatoes and atarodo keep increasing astronomically in Nigeria every day. Market women now sell a small plate of tomatoes with not more than eight pieces at N1,000 now in Nigeria.

The Federal Government can send its representative to Bodija market and Oje market in Ibadan, Oyo State to verify this increase in the price of food stuffs.

A Yoruba proverb says: “Tebi ba ti kuro ninu ise, ise ti…

Source: Nigerian Tribune