Buhari’s superficial Igbo appeasement (1) – Ochereome Nnanna


DAN Nwanyanwu, the pioneer National Chairman of the Labour Party, was on Africa Independent Television, AIT, on Tuesday morning and he said something that conformed to what I have always believed: the person looking for power is hardly the same as the person on the seat of power. So many variables intervene to bring about changes in his disposition. In many cases the person may not know. The person looking for your vote is usually a pretender, but the person on the throne is the real thing hidden from your sight while he was looking for your leg-up into the seat of power.

Buhari in Igbo attire

Nwanyanwu disclosed that in 2011 he had approached General Muhammadu Buhari countless times to run for president on the Labour Party platform. During their interactions Nwanyanwu noted that Buhari was full of passion for Nigeria and spoke effusively on how he would develop the country and…

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