It’ll be a tragedy for PDP to rule Nigeria again – Lai Mohammed


Public relations guru and lawyer, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture, in this interview responds to topical issues. Excerpts:

By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor

: Minister for Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed briefing journalists on the prosciption of all activities of the Independent People of Biafra at the Presidential villa, Abuja. Photo by Abayomi Adehsida

Do you think Mainagate  is a dent on the administration?

The fact that Mr. President, immediately the issue came to his knowledge asked for Maina’s disengagement is the most important thing. That to me is a clear signal that we do not condone corruption. There is no better way to handle the issue than this.

Those who championed Buhari’s election are complaining that they have been abandoned and PDP people are now in government. Are you bothered?

As early as 2015, he (Buhari) did direct that…

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