Asaba massacre on global stage


By Akoma Chinweoke

Global attention was recently drawn to the October 1967 carnage, the Asaba massacre in Midwestern Nigeria  via a one-minute informercial placed strategically mid-way into the highly informative Global Public Square (GPS) anchored by the erudite Fareed Zakari on the Cable News Network (CNN).

The day was Sunday November 5, 2017. On that eventful Sunday, the Asaba October 7 Memorial Group; the committee saddled with the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary hit the bull’s eye in arousing global consciousness to a grievous and mortal injury done to a graceful people.

An encore is bill to be aired on Sunday November 12, 2017 on the same Fareed Zakari anchored Global Public Square on CNN. The Asaba massacre connotes the killings of unarmed and defenseless indigenes in Asaba, one of the ugliest episodes of the Nigerian civil war, which attracted international…

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