Sen. Oduah quashes IPOB sit out home ideology, says we must vote to avoid state of emergency in Anambra


Sen. Stella Oduah (Anambra North) has urged the people of Anambra to come out en masse to vote in next Saturday’s governorship election to avoid creating a vacuum of governance in the state.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja on Sunday, Oduah said that if the people failed to vote, they would be giving room for a possible declaration of a state of emergency.

Senator Stella Oduah

She explained that the Constitution did not allow for a vacuum in any state and as such if the current term lapses and a governor had not been elected, then an administrator would be appointed.

“Therefore if we fail to cast our votes, if we fail to come out to vote and have a new governor, what will happen is that the Federal Government will provide an administrator and declare a state of emergency.

“That is not what we want. It means that democracy will elude us, who is governing us would not be who…

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