… right of police officers to marry their female colleagues by Reuben Abati


“I just love this country, I won’t lie”

“What have you seen again that has suddenly turned you into a gushing patriot?”

“I mean, just look around, in spite of everything, Nigerians always give you an opportunity to laugh.”

“And if I may ask…”

“Did you read the report on what the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris said about the allegations against him by Senator Isa Misau?”
“What did he say? I didn’t find that funny at all.”

“He started by informing the Senate that he is free to have romantic affairs with any female police officer of his choice, fair or dark-skinned, plus-sized or lepacious, short or tall, heavy or flat chested, Oshodi Oke or Oshodi Isale, landcruiser or Volkswagen…”
“The man didn’t say all that.”

“You don’t get the picture. He said as a Muslim he is in fact entitled to four wives, and so, it goes to no point at…

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