Anambra: Nwoye’s different path


By Ike Chidolue

THOSE who study medicine and become medical doctors are generally expected to be conservative and calm in every situation. In fact, medical doctors are not supposed to be moved and shaken at the sight of the dead?

However, Dr. Tony Nwoye has refused to go with that narrative. He has combined the compassion of a pastor with the diligence of a medical doctor to address the challenges that confront those around him.

From when he entered the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, as a medical student he began to demonstrate the knack for fighting injustice and oppression as he always rallied in defense of the underdog.

Through this he continues to give the impression of a man whose core belief was to always fight to change things for the better within his environment. This selfless fight led him to the pinnacle of student leadership at the University of Nigeria to…

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