There’s so much humiliation a husband can take before he reacts!


By Bumi Sofola

I was almost ready for the office when my door-bell went persistently. Annoyed that the driver ‘s been locked out by the maid again, I went to the door with my face half made-up. The man standing on my door-step looked as though he’d been given a thorough beating by a gang of armed robbers.

“Sis, I want the truth from you, please,” he pleaded. “About what?” I asked. “About Kenke,” he said, “did she stay here last night with you, yes or no?” Now that was a tricky question. Kenke, Wasiu’s wife, is a good friend and they’d been married for over 20 years. Wasiu’s bloodied face was as a result of trying to beat a confession out of his wife. And she had fought back.

Yes, Kenke was having an affair. It seemed she was always hopping from one bed to another, using me as an alibi most of the time. The last time she was caught red-handed by Wasiu, he…

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