Experts advise Nigerian food manufacturers on management



Food manufacturers  have been advised to focus on the growth of  business by monitoring its annual growth rather than focusing on fortification only. This advise was given during the TechnoServe day, in commemoration of the 41st  conference of Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Professor Olugbenga Ogunmoyela, Senior Programme Advisor, SAPFF, TechnoServe, representing Eviano Useh, partners in food solution, Minnesota, USA, said, “Many of us have heard about high quality management as a concept; doing things right all the time, having a consistent approach that produces results always.

When you talk about maintenance, TKN produces results in terms of bringing costs down. In the US, for instance, industries at some point were encouraged to look at the health matrix. The concept of holistic management rose from the concept of health matrix, which…

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