Lagos state, Nestle  fire services rescue petrol tanker from explosion in Agara


By Vera Samuel Anyagafu

There was pandemonium as residents, business owners and commuters around Agbara axis of  Ogun State were, Saturday, gripped by fear as a fully loaded 33,000 litres fuel tanker risked explosion after colliding with another truck..

Reporting from the scene, Vanguard observed that the fuel tanker collided with an already collapsed trailer  that was carrying  a fully loaded 40 ft.  container with goods worth millions of naira. As the tanker disengaged due to the collapse of its chassis and hit the ground, petrol gushing out, splashing all over the road from a punctured part.

The outflow of petrol from the 33,000 litres tanker resulted in the residents, students, teachers and motorists quickly running for dear life.

Wary of the danger associated with highly inflammable  substances such as petrol, the residents,  commuters and business owners around the…

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