The words of God are true, let people correct their wrong deeds


By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

The words of God are the truth but human beings are not truthful. Many people see and know the truth but refuse to say the truth.

Some people believe what they say is the truth but it is actually untrue verse versa. A lot of people are not honest and courageous to say the truth. The Bible says everybody has failed and this is pointed out in Psalm 130:3.

•Pastor Daramola

“If you Lord should mark iniquities O Lord who could stand?“ This implies that everybody is guilty and sinful. There is a thing in everybody’s life that is sinful. Imagine a person will abuse another person using that person’s shortcoming to do so forgetting that he or she has his or her own shortcomings.

Therefore many people are not honest and truthful. People betray God in one way or the other even themselves.

Some men are pursing wives of other men.


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