Why I do not agree with IPOB


By Obi Nwakanma

President Muhammadu Buhari’s adventure in power has made Nigeria a more divided nation than he found it and watered the grounds for serious dissent right from the get-go. The president could most certainly have started on a very different note. He could have centered himself quickly as a unifying force, a statesman with a mission to heal the nation, after years of the trauma, from military rule, of which he had been a serious part, to a civil rule characterized by the corruption and violence of the Obasanjo government, and the confusion and mediocrity of the Jonathan administration.

The elections were hard fought and he won, with a coalition that was made of the bulk of parties that had fought the PDP behemoth from 1999. Buhari received great support from the North, and enough from the Southern states to elect him as president. That should have been enough basis…

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