Nigerian and gay: dodging police and the Yahoo Boys


It was a life-changing moment for David when five police officers in Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos, locked him in the back of a van two years ago.

The officers scrolled through the photos on his mobile phone and mocked the hand gestures he used when he spoke. They also threatened to ring his father to tell him his son was gay.

Eventually, they asked for a bribe so he could leave.

“I didn’t give them anything. A-ny-thing,” he stressed, recalling the incident.

“If they caught me while I was with another man, maybe… but I knew my rights. You don’t arrest someone because you don’t like the way he walks,” he told AFP.

“I kept strong in front of them,” he added. “But the truth is I cried in my room. It was a life-turning point… Something inside of me broke.”

David, who comes from a working-class area of Lagos, was 19 when he was detained.

He had only just…

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