As the waiting comes to an end…GMP as PMB


By Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo

TODAY, RIPPLES concludes the series of chats most die-hard Buharists are now into, on the long wait on General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB), as President to do the needful. A wait that appears to be coming to an end. At last.

President Buhari while addressing the nation on 1st Oct 2017


It could be so boring to keep on talking of GMB, alone on these pages. But for now, I can’t seem to run away from so talking about him. He is after all the topmost priority in our daily lives as Nigerians. And as believers and supporters of some 15 years.

On these pages we’d RIPPLED along, wondering why GMB as PMB hasn’t tackled many of the essentials that got him our support all of these years. We also had been on about the atrocious pillage by the PDP that had the audacity to use the excuse of arms for political ends.

Thankfully, we’re so glad, all the Arms…

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