Zimbabwe going the way of Guinea Bissau – Owei Lakemfa


THE resignation of Robert Mugabe on Tuesday  brought the one week tragi-comedy that followed his overthrow as Zimbabwean President to an end. The world had witnessed the comedy of a President overthrown by the military being virtually begged to resign while he gave conditions.

Zimbabwe’s Ex-President Robert Mugabe 

The coup puts Zimbabwe on the same path taken by Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde, another country which fought a bloody liberation war against European colonialists, built an anti-imperialist system but whose military intervened and truncated the system. The latter liberation movement was led by one of the most intellectually-endowed and clear-headed Pan-Africanists, Amilcar Cabral. He, his brother, Luis Severino de Almeida Cabral and four others had on September 19, 1956, founded the African Party for the Independence of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde, PAIGC. The…

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