As 20m now face devastation, UN ranks Nigeria with Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan


… Counts real cost of a fratricidal Boko Haram war

By Soni Daniel with UN report

Eight years after Boko Haram launched a senseless war that has claimed over 20,000 lives and displaced over 1.8 million people now scattered in IDP camps across North Eastern Nigeria, the real cost of the fratricidal war now beckons: 8.5 million people are in urgent need of life-saving assistance, 5.2 million are in dire need of food security interventions and 3.4 in urgent need of nutrition assistance. But the fund for all of this is not readily available, putting the fate of the victims in the balance and their future in uncertainty.

Halima, three, is sitting on the bare floor close to her 21-year-old mother, Sadiatu, and they are actively muttering some words to each other. The time is about 2pm on a Tuesday and they have not yet had their breakfast due to the fact that  there is no food in…

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