Mugabe, Museveni , Biya and the stench of White hypocrisy – Dr. Ugoji Egbujo


Mugabe is gone. That is settled. He came in 1980. In 1983 he organized the massacre of 20,000 Ndebeles, in Matebeleland. Matebeleland was a stronghold of  the Joshua Nkomo led opposition ZAPU party.  He said the Ndebeles needed  some re-education. The death cries of the Ndebeles were ignored by  the West. So  in 1994, the Queen recognized Mugabe for his outstanding work for humanity, and knighted him. He was their boy. Their righteousness covers the iniquities of their wards.

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe delivers a speech during a graduation ceremony at the Zimbabwe Open University in Harare, where he presides as the Chancellor on November 17 2017. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe attended a university graduation ceremony today, making a defiant first public appearance since the military takeover that appeared to signal the end of his 37-year reign. / AFP PHOTO /…

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