Family pressure in marriage – Pastor Okokon


By By Pastor Okokon Ating

Pressure can be handled or resolved by everyone who knows earnestly what marriage is all about. That is why it is said that, “marriage is for the mature people and not for children”. This is because there is a time of crisis and this pressure period could be termed-”crisis period”.

If one fails in marriage, it seems he has failed in many things; the reason is that, there will be no inner peace, rest of mind and settlement in life. As it is applicable to a man so also it is to women. I believe that God will and can help you maintain your marriage without falling victim of any pressure in Jesus name, amen.

All other pressure may be called external. The worse pressure is the internal pressures which entail the ‘victimization’ from either the husband or wife, e.g. Husbands regarding the wife as a second class citizen in his house or as a…

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