LITERARY REVIEW :The enduring lessons in The Beggars’ Strike



There are several themes in Aminata Sow Fall’s The Beggars’ Strike, originally published in French in Dakar in 1979 by Les Nouvelles Editions Africaines as La Greve des Battu. Some of those themes are Begging, Polygamy, Inordinate Political Ambition, Superstition, Strength in Unity, etc. But what can be considered as major theme in this work is the important role all human beings (regardless of their social or economic status) play in the social, political, economic, spiritual and biological life of one another. A more philosophical way to put it is ‘the interconnectivity of all things’ or ‘the socio-economic and spiritual ecology of all things.’ It simply means that all things (especially human beings, whether rich or poor) are essential for the success and survival of one another. That is the central message of The Beggars’ Strike.

The  Plot


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