Nigerians: Between hunger and the Mediterranean


By Ayodele Adio

THE story of the twenty-seven Nigerians who lost their lives attempting to cross the Mediterranean has remained on top of our news feed, thankfully so because, no serious nation should normalise the loss of dozens of her citizens in such cruel and dehumanising circumstances, a phenomenon the Nigerian state has grown accustomed to. In countries where a premium is placed on human life, leaders will briefly suspend any immediate engagement to grieve with the immediate families of the bereaved in a live telecast or press briefing and further remind the entire nation that their lives do matter.

Nigeria is unable to dignify these 27 even in death by at least referring to them by their names even as their president is unable to spare a minute to condole with their families and the thousands of other Nigerians who have either lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean or…

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