Set the tone for the season


The satisfying feeling and the peace you get after getting rid of clutters in your house cannot be quantified. It is what every Homemaker should look forward to doing if not every time but at every opportunity that comes your way.

This is a season of celebration that calls for a clean and peaceful environment. It is the season we play host to our loved ones. So it is obviously not good to welcome visitors in a clumsy environment. Set the tune for the season as you begin to de-clutter your home.

Instead of focusing on deep cleaning your home, start by de-cluttering problem areas and get rid of things that take up valuable space. A de-cluttered room often gives the illusion of being clean even if it is not.

There are lots of spaces in the house that may have been an eyesore in the course of the year but because of the schedule of work, especially for Homemakers who wake up very…

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