We export crude oil and slaves – Muyiwa Adetiba


I got a call last month from one of my closest friends. The voice on the other end was quiet and subdued. His daughter and her husband had just left his place. They came to tell him they were relocating abroad at the end of the month. Their explanation for the short notice was that they were given only two weeks to tidy up their affairs or forfeit the chance. ‘Just like that? What about his job?’ was all I could say. ‘What about their jobs? They both have good jobs.’

Libya returnees

He corrected. I could tell he was crestfallen. She is his only daughter and the one who fusses over him.  Her children come over at the slightest opportunity and they have a lovely relationship with my friend. In fact, her first son is named after him. It is certain now that there will be an emotional as well as a physical distance between them unless my friend who hates to travel, makes some…

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