FSS 2020: Milestones and roadmap for the future


By Babajide Komolafe

IT is two years to the end of the time frame for achieving the vision to make Nigeria’s  financial system to be the safest and most diversified  financial system among emerging markets supporting the real economy.

This time frame was set in 2006 when regulators and government agencies in the financial system, led by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), developed the Financial System Strategy 2020 (FSS 2020).

The Central Bank of Nigeria head office in Abuja.

The FSS 2020 vision was prompted by the prediction of Goldman Sachs that Nigeria is among 11 emerging countries that have the potential to be among the 20 largest economies  by year 2020. The overriding objective was to develop and transform Nigeria’s financial sector into a growth catalyst and engineer Nigeria’s evolution into an international financial centre. In addition to this, FSS 2020 was…

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