2019 intrigues and cynicism: Nigerians beware


By Tabia Princewill

There are two kinds of cynicism currently making the rounds in Nigeria. The first and arguably the most dangerous, comes from politicians (those under the PDP banner in particular) who believe that Nigerians are so gullible, so easily manipulated that they would vote back into power a party that was plagued by unresolved corruption scandals for most of its 16 years at the helm of affairs. I was disappointed, during a conversation with some young people, to hear that the standard is so low that some people don’t seem to mind that those who propose to lead them have little to no integrity and have been alleged to steal from them.

The PDP can afford to be cynical because it knows that a sizeable portion of the population still doesn’t quite understand how corruption impacts the economy. There is still no resolution to the allegation that during former…

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