What politicians can learn from the Army on restructuring (3) — Ike Nwachukwu


Continued from yesterday

Welfare of the Nigerian Army

Ike Nwachukwu

The Nigerian Army should place welfare of its personnel as a top priority. However, we are not unaware that it has over time introduced and still introducing various welfare packages in order to meet its morale boosting component strategy which would produce well-focused and well-motivated troops. Among these packages should include sponsoring soldiers to acquire more academic and professional qualifications and competences to improve on their positions in life.

I remember when as the Adjutant General, I introduced what was known as the Nigerian Army Welfare Insurance Scheme (NAWIS). Then it was a pro-rated contributory fund for troops welfare. It was meant to pay families of deceased officers and soldiers ten –times their annual salaries pending when the Army will work out their Death Benefits. It was also…

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