Marriage Matters – It beats co-habitation hands down!


HAVE you ever wondered why more couples live together today, yet never, marry? They settle into partnerships that dissolve with depressing speed and regularity, giving way to producing what social critics tag rainbow families, consisting of a mother and an array of children fathered by different men. “Even the words ‘husband and wife’ seem to be dropping out of our vocabulary,” observed Mobola, a freelance journalist based in England. “You discover that on the relentlessly politically correct BBC, the word ‘partner’ is now the rage, it is used to describe all couples, even if they are husband and wife.

“All we need now is for even government officials here in Nigeria to start referring to ‘My partner and I’, because if you dig deep into most politicians’ background, a lot of the wives they parade are nothing but common law wives. We need to ask ourselves if…

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