2019: Power Rotation Matters  In Delta


By Prince Enahoro Edwin Erijoh

I recently read an article titled  ‘2019  and the Delta Progressives’ by Mr.  Godwin  Anaughe  which  generated  a lot of  reactions.

I  believe the article was right on power rotation in  Delta State.  Its conclusion  truly  reflects  the pulse of the voters in the  state, especially minorities, who collectively can swing the  gubernatorial  election to any direction.

It  is my view that rejecting power rotation will likely  consign  APC  to the opposition in  Delta  State  for a  long  time, while accepting  it  will  enable  the party to  build  a winning coalition that is capable of taking over the state  in 2019.

Right from when Delta State was created, the tribes have expressed deep concerns about the  equitable  rotation of power in the state.

It  remains  a very deeply emotional and compelling matter…

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