From my archive -2014


By Denerele Animasaun

Akufo Addo- young African people’s champion

The Ghanaian’s president, Nana Akufo-Addo stood up for young Africans everywhere last week.  He spoke in a joint French press conference with the visiting French President Macron.

His speech was covered by numerous social media outlets for the significant reason,  it was bold and brave. It sent a message to those who continue to underestimate and perpetuate the role of patriarchal supremacy over the African continent and its  people that  the time has come to change the  mindset.  Time for Africans to take care of itself.   It has been far too long a speech of this calibre has been delivered by a  modern  day African leader that moved  young people to the core; it was well crafted, articulately and prudently delivered.   His response to the reporter at the conference has garnered thousands and…

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