The leaders Rivers had needed


By  Solomon Bob

For Governor Nyesom Wike, what works is brutal honesty. He doesn’t make a promise he can’t keep and would rather not make it. If you were to take a poll among Rivers State people, a great majority of them would say that atop the governor’s many endearing qualities, his quaint direct-talking and invariable dislike for double-talk is the draw. And as if to underscore that attribute as the reason for the apparent governor-people love-in, they haul an assortment of adoring monikers and epithets every time he walks the streets. The governor rides a rancous crest of them from frenzied crowds every single day of his countless project inspection visits, which are proofs of his unbelievable street credibility.

And he expects the same level of honesty from others. You’re as likely to be promptly cashiered for lying or prevaricating as you’re to be treated to a…

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