Just in: Gatlin fires coach after doping sting – investigation opened


The world 100-metres champion Justin Gatlin has fired his coach, the Olympic gold medallist Dennis Mitchell, for telling undercover reporters athletes can dope without being caught.

An investigation published by Britain’s Telegraph newspaper on Tuesday, using journalists pretending to be making a film, approached Mitchell and an agent linked to Gatlin, Robert Wagner.

Gatlin Justin

The Telegraph claims Wagner offered to “supply and administer testosterone and human growth hormone for an actor training for a film,” to reporters at Gatlin’s Florida for a fee of 250,000 dollars.

And the matter is now the subject of an investigation by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), according to the Telegraph and the Press Association.

The paper alleges Mitchell said athletes could dope undetected by tests and that Wagner cited Mitchell and…

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