Our politicians are back again


By Sunny Ikhioya

NOTHING has changed. The same people, the same system, same language. It is a vicious circle, with the masses bearing the brunt. It was supposed to be a total change, a radical departure from the past, a paradigmatic shift with new focus and culture to achieve the desired result. But no, they have chosen to remain the same and the masses have become more confused.

Somebody asked the question; what is the difference between the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,  and the All Progressive Congress, APC? Another answered: it is Buhari and the Buharists in the APC party, whose ideology is Buharism.

Then I begin to wonder, what is the ideology behind Buharism? Is it to manage hardship or a one sided persecution? Or, to be quiet over activities of Fulani herdsmen? What really is Buharism?

Some say it stands for anti corruption and integrity. But, I remember in the past,…

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