Christmas: ‘The Son of Man’


By Albert Afeso Akanbi

I MADE the point that even though Jesus may not necessarily have been born on December 25, the essence of his birth is worth celebrating still.

That said, almost every major religion and human ideology on earth today somehow have their own set of beliefs about him.

From the laughable -those who argue that he spoke as an infant, to the incredulous –those who argue that he lived to a ripe old age, died and was buried in Kashmir, India or that he was married, immigrated to France and had a child, everyone tends to include Jesus in their narrative of reality.

Added to these varying interpretations are many Nigerian Christians for example, who do not have an idea that Jesus, being fully human as he is fully God, may have experienced existence much the same way we experience it today. And this is due to some great theologians who insist that the focus on…

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