The PDP’s illiterates of Kano – Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo


Decades ago there was a column, PARALLAX SNAPS which you had to read to have a truly complete and fulfilled week; Dele Giwa who died of a parcel bomb was host of that column.

In a way, that is the inspiration for RIPPLES this morning. The dictionary says PARALLAX is “.. the apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observe”; it is also ” … the difference between the view of an object as seen through the picture-taking lens of a camera and the view as seen through a separate viewfinder”.


Now, because there are simply far too many happenings for our chat, for such a restrictive slot as RIPPLES that I thought we should this week treat it as “Bits and Pieces”, that is why PARALLAX SNAPS came to mind.

We have SNAPS and snippets of and from the PDP national elective convention that presented Uche Secondus and what that may mean…

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