$300,000 marijuana as Christmas gifts?


An elderly American couple’s Christmas plans went up in smoke after they were caught by police with a giant stash of pot — which they said they planned to give as gifts.


Patrick Jiron, 80, and his wife Barbara, 70, went on a cross-country road trip from California to Vermont to visit friends and family — and brought with them a dizzying 60 pounds (27 kg) of marijuana, according to the York News-Times.

They told police in Nebraska — where they were detained about midway through their trip — that the approximately $336,000 worth of pot were intended as Christmas presents, the newspaper said.

Police allegedly had pulled over the couple on Tuesday for traffic violations, and smelled a pungent odor emanating from their pickup truck.

Patrick Jiron was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and having no drug tax stamp, according to…

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