Sharing of food for the soul – Francis Ewherido


It is Christmas time again and a time for sharing. That was how I grew up to see it. Neighbours cooked and exchanged food with neighbours; children moved from one relative’s or family friend’s house to the other. This enabled them to have a taste of the culinary skills different from their mothers.’ These are no longer common in urban areas, but I hope it still happens in towns and villages where life is more personal and communal.


People also send food items to less financially endowed people, relatives and friends or older family members. That is still very much on. In spite of the economic situation, we are still somewhat our neighbour’s keeper. Sometimes, you get hampers from well wishers, not only people you gave business or patronized. I just got one personalised hamper from an older friend/big brother.

But I want to deal with a different kind of sharing today….

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