2019: Atiku and that love letter from Okonkwo


I read with interest but huge sense of disappointment, the article written by a certain Churchill Okonkwo entitled: LETTER TO ATIKU ABUBAKAR BY A DISSATISFIED NIGERIAN which sadly has gained currency in social and certain print media in the past few weeks.  Apparently, from the tone of Mr. Okonkwo’s treatise, he is definitely dissatisfied and acted like a man returning with a vengeance.

However, it remains difficult to really understand whom he is really displeased with; whether Atiku, Obasanjo, Nigeria or even himself for the likely tragic and pathetic shortcomings of his own life, which is written all over the article.

Certainly, specious reasoning was clearly exhibited in various sections of the referenced narrative. In fact, it is a crying shame that a person like Churchill Okonkwo, an assumed public affairs analyst who from his writing sounds like a young man, should…

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