I foolishly let my marriage crash because I thought there were better options


By Bunmi Sofola

Wendy says she always remembers the day her marriage crashed as if it were yesterday. “Michael, my husband, had always suspected me of playing away from home and I’d always denied it,” she recalled. “Of course I’d flirted occasionally but nothing as serious

as wanting to pack in my marriage of close to 15 years. Only this time, I’d run into Seye, an old flame who was separated from his wife and with whom I’d once had exciting lunches and flirty discussions in my office.

“It was easy to continue from where we left off because we had a good relationship when we first got together. I was the one who broke things off because I wanted to get married. Many of my friends were doing just that and Michael, who’d just landed a junior partnership in a law firm looked like a better catch.

And while I loved Michael, like most couples in long marriages, I…

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