Christmas: Embrace peace, Pius Hommen urges Nigerians


A foremost youth leader in Plateau State, Pius Hommen, has urged Nigerians to shun all acts of division and hate but embrace peace for the good of the country.

He said this while addressing a large gathering of youths from different parts of the country at an open air Christmas lunch he hosted in Jos, the Plateau State capital, on Sunday, December 24, 2017.

He also implored Nigerians to see each other as one irrespective of differences in tribes and religions.

“As we all get set to celebrate Christmas, I urge you, my fellow Christian brothers and sisters, to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ in all aspects of your lives.

“Please let us all be our brothers’ keepers”, he stated.

Continuing, Hommen reminded them that “the central theme of love and peace at Christmas which promotes harmony, reconciliation and goodwill among humanity must be embraced by all.


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