Tabarnia, the fictional region that wants to leave Catalonia


A satirical petition proposing that Tabarnia, a non-existant part of independence-minded Catalonia, break away from the region and remain part of Spain went viral on Tuesday.

The petition, which has gathered over 21,000 signatures in just three days, was a trending topic on Twitter with over 150,000 users of the social media platform discussing it, including Catalan politicians.

Its backers mirror the language of Catalan separatists to argue that Tabarnia — a word formed from Barcelona and Tarragona, the names of Catalonia’s two main cities on the Mediterranean coast — “is a region that differs in many aspects from the rest of the region it belongs to.”

Pro-independence parties won a slim majority of 70 seats in the 135-seat Catalan parliament in a regional election on December 21, even though they did not get over half the ballots cast due to a quirk in…

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