Christmas stories


By Muyiwa Adetiba

It is the way of life and living that many of us would have spent last Christmas in ways we could not have envisaged or planned a week earlier. Some of the unexpected turns end up as pleasant surprises. Some not so pleasant. A family heard their front door bell ring on Christmas Eve. At the door was their daughter who had flown in unannounced from the US to spend Christmas with them. The shriek of her ecstatic mum could be heard miles away. It turned out she had connived with one of her siblings to surprise their parents.

And they did; spectacularly. The whole episode of a dancing mum and grinning daughter including the look of surprise bothering on shock on the face of the father was captured on video.  You can imagine the kind of Christmas the family would have and the pleasant adjustments they would have had to make. A somewhat bizarre but no less pleasant…

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