Olaniyi Ayeni’s book offers solution to Nigeria’s problem


By Osa Amadi

You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again, wrote Bonnie Prudden. Nigeria’s history may not be inspiring, but her story can be rewritten. This is Olaniyi Ayeni’s thesis in this book.

Olaniyi Ayeni

The author has given himself an arduous task – to convince Nigerians to believe in, love, and be proud of Nigeria. I say it is arduous task because I have read similar books, listened to great songs about Nigeria, and heard many campaigns which sought to inspire people to buy into such ideals, but it has never worked, because, some people say, the foundation is faulty, and whatever is built upon such faulty foundation is bound to crumble, sooner or later.

Another reason sermon of faith in Nigeria is a hard sell is people’s disillusionment arising from cold facts and evidences of systemic rot, bigotry, looting, dishonesty, official banditry, brazen…

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