We fielded our first eleven for Yusuf Buhari – Muyiwa Adetiba


If there was one good news that broke with the new year, it was that of the stabilization of the President’s son from his near fatal accident. The preceding week must have been an anxious one for the President’s family. As a human being who believes that the death of one diminishes all, I feel for the President. As a parent who has raised a son through university with all that it entails, and I am not speaking of finance now, I empathise with him.

Yusuf Buhari

And finally, as a person who but for the grace of God, could have been a victim of one of my many escapades during my youthful years, I identify with his son. Those who have made snide remarks about Yusuf Buhari; those who said it was unfeeling of him to be riding a power bike when the rest of the country was struggling for fuel; those who questioned his choice of power bike as his passion and indulgence should look into…

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