What will kill you is before you


By Francis Ehwerido

On a recent visit, a former colleagues and longtime friend, Assumpta Udoh, told me something I found very profound because of its clarity: “Franco, by the time you are 50, the health problem that will kill you will be before you.  How long you live thereafter depends on how you manage it.” Assumpta is very correct, her grandmother was diabetic, but died at age 98. Her 101-year-old father is asthmatic, but still going strong. He played exhibition tennis at 100 in Ikoyi Club, Lagos, last year.

Of course, her statement is based on all things being equal: if you escape being slaughtered in Benue, Plateau and Southern Kaduna, if you do not get killed by Badoo boys in Ikorodu, if you escape the guns of cultists in Rivers, if you escape death in the hands of kidnappers in Edo, Delta and Kogi, if you escape death in the hands of “ritualists” in Ogun, Oyo and…

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