BOOK REVIEW: In ‘We the People’ Ololade demonstrates need for mother tongue


By Destiny Eseaga

With the dwindling trend and repulsive nature at which the young generation frowns at the use of mother tongue, a need to address the situation becomes imperative.

Stemming from this, a collection of satirical poems called ‘’ we the people’ written by Ololade Ajayi comes to bear.

The book is a chronicle of contemporary events as it does relate to the author’s political orientation and societal ills about Nigeria.

It is reviewed by Human Right Lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Femi Falana.

Also, the author expresses her love for her roots and language- Ekiti dialect, which she artistically make use of in a way no other artist can.

Much as the author has a duty to her society in terms of exposing ills and pointing the society in the right direction, she also depicts a deep sense of indebtedness for her language by coining new words, thereby…

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