HANDSHAKE ACROSS THE NIGER: Igbo, Yoruba can do much for Nigeria — Chris Anyanwu


AWARD winning broadcast journalist turned media entrepreneur and politician, Senator Chris Anyanwu was at last Thursday’s summit of Yoruba and Igbo leaders in Enugu, themed, Handshake Across The Niger.
In this interview she reviews the meeting and asserts the need for more of such collaborations for Nigeria to realise its potentials. Excerpts:


By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor

Did the meeting realise its objective?

Yes, it surpassed its objectives. I didn’t expect to have the kind of level of attendance, the quality of attendance and also as one that has observed Nigeria for a while; I saw something very refreshing. It was like the opening of the heart, people who came there came with an open heart. It looked like people were genuine in their handshake, in their attempt to reach out to the other.

Some saw it as an ethnic gang-up.

That is pessimism. There are people…

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