YOUR LUCK TODAY:” Should I marry her?


Should I marry her?

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Dear Joshua,

I want you to please tell me the home truth about a lady I have been going out with for the past four years. Suddenly she says if I am not ready to marry her I should be a man enough to let her go so that she will not be frustrated much. I think she loves me but, there are other girls around trying showing green light.

Do not publish our data but be bunt enough to tell me if she is good for me  so that I will know what to do.

Oluwaniyi. Lagos.


Dear Oluwaniyi,

If you will continue to look into directions of so many ladies you may be seen as non-serious minded man. And I think at your age you are not getting younger; meaning that it is important you take the needed decision. Here-under I will analyse both of you (strength and weakness of the relationship and allow you to make your choice, Good luck.

To a lay man this…

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